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Measurement Instructions

IMPORTANT: Globe turnouts are custom-tailored and sizes differ from street clothes. Extra care in measuring is needed to assure accurate fit. PLEASE USE ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS AS INDICATED BELOW.
  • Do not take your own measurements.
  • Stand straight but relaxed, feet about 12" apart.
  • Wear identical clothing and accessories that will be worn under turnout.
  • Use a high quality non-stretch tape, holding it straight and snug so that it lies smooth without indenting the body. (Be sure you start with low end of numbers.)
  • List any special considerations such as unusual height, weight or other physical characteristics.

A. Chest - Have firefighter take and hold a deep breath. Measure under arms and around fullest part of chest (bust).

B. Sleeve - No need to measure since sleeves are designed proportionate to chest size. However, if unusually short or long arms: bend elbow and hook thumb under belt buckle, and beginning at center of back of neck, measure across top of shoulders, around point of elbow to midpoint from wrist bone to knuckles.

C. Back - Collar seam to full length.

D. Waist - Be sure tools (knives, belt buckles, beepers, etc.) are taken into consideration when applicable.

E. Inseam - Wearing normal station wear, measure from crotch inner seam to ankle bone.

F. Hips (Women Only) - Measure around fullest part of hips.


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