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The PBI Lightweight Gold™ System is the latest innovation in structural system technologies developed by PBI Performance Products Inc. This high heat and flame protective system offers lightweight structural composites with no compromise to protection. The PBI Lightweight Gold System is the ultimate in lightweight protection, comfort and durability.

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PBI MAX™ outer shell is remarkably flexible, lighter weight, and strong. With the proven protection of PBI®, this may be the shell fabric of your dreams. 5 year limited warranty.

STEDAIR® GOLD is light and more flexible while maintaining thermal protection and stability with the addition of PBI® fiber in the moisture barrier substrate. 4 year limited warranty.

GLIDE™ PBI G2 face cloth uses DUPONT™ KEVLAR® Filament Technology to make a slicker, more flexible, and stronger face cloth with an FR rayon blend for improved moisture management. Quilted to two apertured layers with PBI® fiber blend to reduce weight at equivalent thermal protection.

GEMINI™ XT features a high tech grid of composite filament and spun yarns including a blend of KEVLAR® and PBI® fibers that provide strength, thermal stability, and superior abrasion resistance. 5 year limited warranty.

DuPont™ KEVLAR® brand fiber provides high-strength, permanent flame and thermal resistance, and proven durability. KEVLAR® Filament Technology adds even greater strength, slickness, and flexibility.


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