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Structural Outer Shell Materials - NFPA 1971


PBI Max Gold  PBI Max Black
PBI MAX® is remarkably flexible, lighter weight, and strong. With the proven protection of PBI® and the strength of KEVLAR® Filament Technology, this shell fabric provides incredible flexibility. 

Content:                70% "PBI® Dominant" PBI®/KEVLAR® blend spun yarn with 30% KEVLAR® filament yarn
Weight:                  7.0 oz/yd2 twill weave
Colors:                  Gold, Black
Supplier:                Safety Components


Gemini XT Gold  Gemini XT Black
GEMINI™XT features a high tech grid of composite filament and spun yarns including a blend of KEVLAR® and PBI® fibers that provide strength, thermal stability, and superior abrasion resistance.

Content:                60% KEVLAR®/40% PBI® blend spun yarn with composite spun wrapped filament grid yarn
Weight:                  7.5 oz/yd2 plain weave reinforced with high strength filament grid
Colors:                  Gold, Black
Supplier:                TenCate Protective Fabrics 


Millenia XT

If your problem is durability, MILLENIA XT™ is an amazingly strong solution.

Content:                60% KEVLAR®/40% PBO blend spun yarn
Weight:                  7.5 oz/yd2 ripstop weave
Color:                    Gold
Supplier:                TenCate Protective Fabrics


Advance Ultra Gold  Advance Ultra Dark Gold  Advance Ultra Yellow  Advance Ultra Black Gold

This tri-blend from TenCate provides a step up in performance from their proven ADVANCE™ outer shell.

Content:                60% KEVLAR®/20% NOMEX®/20% PBO blend spun yarn
Weight:                  7.5 oz/yd2 ripstop weave
Colors:                  Gold, Dark Gold, Yellow, Black Gold
Supplier:                TenCate Protective Fabrics


Advance Gold  Advance Yellow  Advance Khaki

Combining the proven performance of NOMEX® with the high strength of KEVLAR®, ADVANCE™ provides a very good balance of performance, durability, and cost.

Content:                60% KEVLAR®/40% NOMEX® blend spun yarn
Weight:                  7.0 oz/yd2 ripstop weave
Colors:                  Gold, Yellow, Khaki/Tan
Supplier:                TenCate Protective Fabrics


Advance PCA

To achieve a long-lasting black shade, ADVANCE™ PCA uses producer colored fiber for enhanced dye stability.

Content:                 50% KEVLAR®/50% NOMEX® blend spun yarn
Weight:                   7.0 oz/yd2 ripstop weave
Colors:                   Black
Supplier:                TenCate Protective Fabrics


Armor Gold  Armor Black

This lightweight shell fabric uses KEVLAR® Filament Technology for added strength and flexibility.

Content:               50% KEVLAR® filament yarn with 50% NOMEX®/KEVLAR® blend spun yarn
Weight:                 7.0 oz/yd2 twill weave
Color:                   Gold, Black
Supplier:               Safety Components


Millenia XTL Gold

This new and exceptionally lightweight fabric is designed for those who want maximum mobility.

Content:                 Para-Aramid/PBO blend spun yarn
Weight:                  6.0 oz/yd2 ripstop weave
Color:                    Gold
Supplier:                TenCate Protective Fabrics


Omni Vantage Gold  Omni Vantage Black

This shell features BASOFIL® fiber in a performance balanced tri-blend.

Content:               40% KEVLAR®/30% NOMEX®/30% BASOFIL® blend spun yarn
Weight:                 7.8 oz/yd2 ripstop weave
Color:                   Black, Gold
Supplier:               Norfab Corporation


Defender 750 Yellow  Defender 750 Khaki Tan  Defender Black  Defender Natural  Defender Red  Defender Blue 

With decades of proven performance, BRIGADE™ 750 still provides basic protection at an affordable price.

Content:               93% NOMEX®, 5% KEVLAR®, 2% Anti-Static blend spun yarn
Weight:                 7.5 oz/yd2 plain weave
Colors:                 Yellow, Khaki/Tan, Black, Natural/White, Red, Royal Blue
Supplier:               TenCate Protective Fabrics


Aluminized PBI

For proximity firefighting environments where radiant heat is encountered, this fabric utilizes a reflective aluminized film laminated to a knit para-aramid/PBI® blend fabric for thermal stability.

Content:               70% Para-Aramid/30% PBI® blend spun yarn
Weight:                7.0 oz/yd2 knit with laminated aluminized film
Color:                  Silver face / Gold back
Supplier:              Gentex


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