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globe materials

Globe has been responsible for introducing many of the materials that are now taken for granted in turnout gear. Our partners in protection include:

  • CROSSTECH® moisture barrier is used by more fire and safety professionals than any other moisture barrier because they trust its ability to reliably resist blood and body fluids, common chemicals, and water while still offering superior heat stress reduction and comfort.
  • DuPont™ NOMEX® and KEVLAR® brand fibers are critical components of today's most advanced outer shells, moisture barriers, and thermal liners, providing permanent flame and thermal resistance, strength, and proven durability.
  • PBI Lightweight Gold™ is the latest innovation in structural system technologies developed by PBI. This heat and flame protective system offers a lighter weight structural composite with no compromise in protection.
  • TenCate's fabrics are designed and engineered to provide the best overall protection available to protect first responders from heat, flame, and other relevant hazards.

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