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Globe Firefighter Suit Trim Styles

firefighter & cairns trim styles

G-XCEL & RSX Trim Styles

Globe Firefighter Suits Lettering Guidelines


  • 3M SCOTCHLITE™: 2" and 3" (4" to 12" lettering available upon special request). Lime/Yellow or Red/Orange


  • Sewn-On, Snap-On, Hook & Loop: 1-3 lines
  • Hanging (Snaps/Hook & Loop): 1 line only
  • 4 x 4 Number Patches: Available as sew-on, snap-on or hook & loop

Letter patches are available in straight line or arched style and a variety of sizes to accommodate 1 to 3 lines of text. If you have too many letters to fit in a straight line, arched letters may allow you to squeeze in more.

The chart below provides basic guidelines for the amount of lettering available in specific locations. It also reflects the available space on a 1-line letter patch. In some cases, more room is available when the lettering is applied directly to the back of the jacket and not on a patch. If more room is required, arching the letters may be a solution.

firefighter suits lettering


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