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Globe Turnout Gear

To be the best turnout gear, you have to provide the best:
Protection. Movement. Durability.

Since 1887, Globe has had a single focus — to produce the most protective, longest-lasting and scientifically advanced turnout gear that enables emergency responders to have freedom of movement. In short: the world's best turnout gear.

Whether you choose Globe Firefighter Suits' G-XTREME®, G-XCEL®, Globe Cairns REAXTION® or any of our other Made in America turnout gear, you're choosing gear that is constructed to the highest standards using innovative materials and designs.

Innovation has always been an integral part of Globe's products. We've introduced many of the materials, designs and construction methods that are taken for granted today.

  • Globe invented the waterproof jacket construction still in use today.
  • We were the first to use DuPont™ NOMEX® flame- and thermal-resistant materials, the first to use 3M SCOTCHLITE® reflective materials, and the first to use CROSSTECH® moisture barriers.
  • We revolutionized turnout gear design with G-XTREME®, the first suit that moves the way the human body moves—without restriction.

We continue to make improvements to our designs, construction methods and materials to ensure that when you wear Globe turnout gear, you're wearing the world's best.

Download the Turnout Gear Catalog here


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