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Independent Service Provider Training


This website houses our online program, designed to provide training on the routine and advanced inspection and on the routine and advanced cleaning of Globe protective clothing and footwear. This training covers Structural and Proximity clothing produced under either the Globe Firefighters Suits brand or the Cairns Protective Clothing brand, as well as training on the care and maintenance of structural boots produced by Globe Footwear.

As you will see, this program provides an overview of the entire NFPA 1851 standard, including the repair of protective clothing and boots, but with greater emphasis on the requirements of cleaning and inspection. Following the course, there is a 25 question test, which you will be required to take in order to receive your certificate of training. Once you have successfully answered 20 of the 25 questions, you will be able to print a certificate, which will be your documentation of the training course. (another requirement of NFPA 1851).

Level 1 Training — FREE Service

This level of training is performed by our Regional Sales Managers as they visit different customers and dealers. This two hour presentation highlights the requirements of the standard with details in Advanced Inspection and Advanced Cleaning and culminates with a certificate of participation for each member of the department who attends. For more information on level 1 training, contact your Globe dealer or your Globe regional sales manager.

Level 2 Training — Free Service consisting of a 2-day training class conducted in Pittsfield, NH

This level of training provides an in-depth overview of the NFPA 1851 standard requirements with demonstrations of Advanced Cleaning, Advanced Inspection, and Advanced Repairs. Participants will receive instruction on performing repairs in accordance with the standard, as well as the "Globe" method for the most common jacket and/or pant repairs. This training also covers "How to become an ISP", including the requirements necessary to become third party verified, instruction on how to write a Quality System Manual, recommendations for cleaning equipment, and other imperative information. In addition to the certificate of training, you will also receive continued "how to" support from the factory as needed after you leave this class. Since this class is held at the Globe factory in Pittsfield, NH, participants are responsible for their travel and lodging expenses. For more information on this level of training, contact Missy Gates, CARES Supervisor, at 603-435-1401.


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