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Globe Manufacturing Company, LLC
37 Loudon Road
Pittsfield, NH 03263

Telephone: 603-435-8323, 800-232-8323
Fax: 603-435-6388, 800-442-6388


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Directions to Globe
From the SOUTH: Take I-93 North to Concord, NH. Follow directions from Concord (below).
From the NORTH: Take I-93 South to Concord, NH. Follow directions from Concord (below).
From the WEST: Take I-89 East to I-93 North to Concord, NH. Follow directions from Concord (below).
From the EAST: Take Route 4 West to Route 28 North (Epsom Circle). Follow directions from Epsom Traffic Circle
(From Concord Step 5 below).

From Concord:

  1. Take Exit 15 East onto I-393 East.
  2. Follow to the end where it will merge into and become Route 4 East.
  3. Stay on Route 4 East to the intersection with Route 28 (Epsom Traffic Circle).
  4. Go around the rotary and follow Route 28 North for 6 miles.
  5. Take a right at the first blinking yellow light (traffic sign points to Pittsfield).
  6. Take first paved driveway on the left at the Globe sign.
  7. Continue past building and bear left for visitor parking and lobby entrance.
  1. Exit Airport and continue straight on Brown Avenue.
  2. Exit left onto US-101 West (toward Manchester).
  3. Take I-293 North (toward Manchester).
  4. Continue past Manchester and merge onto I-93 North (toward Concord).
  5. Follow directions from Concord (above).
  1. Exit airport and follow signs to Boston / Sumner Tunnel (do NOT take Ted Williams Tunnel).
  2. Go through tunnel and follow signs to I-93 North.
  3. Stay on I-93 North to Concord, NH.
  4. Follow directions from Concord, NH (above).



Globe Manufacturing Company, LLC., Manufacturers & Producers, Pittsfield, NH